Portland Book Locations

Explore the Heathman Hotel & Airport

We take you through Portland's landmarks within the books including the Heathman Hotel, the Airport and Voodoo Donuts.


Seattle Book Locations

Explore Escala, Bainbridge Cove and the Columbia Tower

Cruise through Seattle and take in the landmarks and important places in town including the Columbia Tower, Escala, Neiman Marcus and Bainbridge cove.


Vancouver BC Movie Locations

Explore downtown Vancouver BC plus the Gaslamp District and Beaver Lake.

We jog with Christian through downtown Vancouver and explore many of the hot spots around town where filming happened.

"This is the most comprehensive guide to the book and filming locations ever created!"

Lisa Fish, 50ShadesGirlPortland.com

Fifty Shades Locations Guide

Discover locations from the book and film

The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy is set in the beautiful Pacific Northwest cities of Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington. When Universal made the first movie, filming was primarily done in Vancouver B.C., with secondary scenery filmed in Seattle, Washington. This book takes you to locations in all three cities, visiting sites from the books and movie filming. It leads you to real life and fictional places from the story, and their movie-magic stand-ins. It also includes links to Google Maps of the cities with marked locations. I hope you have a fun time visiting the places featured in the books, and seeing how they became new locations for the movie.

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